Christian Van Kerckhove

Chris Van Kerckhove

Christian Van Kerckhove is a scientist, philosopher and world traveller. He sailed (sailboat Agapetos) for four year around the world (2001-2005) with his companion Els Heyvaert.
They also travelled by land: from Irian Jaya, over Asia, Africa and the smallest islands of the Pacific to the jungles of Iquitos. He published several books and articles in national and international journals. He teaches philosophy and ethics at the Faculty of Social Work and Welfare Studies, Ghent University College and is (co)promoter of several research projects. In this department he and Eva Vens are responsible for the diversity policy.
Tel: 09 243 26 48.


Eva Vens

Liesbeth De Cock

Eva Vens is a social worker (University College Ghent – before SHISS) and holds a master in Comparative Cultural Studies (University of Ghent). She has been active as a social worker (in a communal health insurance company and in a training centre) and teaches Cultural Anthropology for over 15 years at the Faculty of Social Work and Welfare Studies, Ghent University College. She is copromotor of  several research projects. She is also responsible for the diversity policy of the faculty together with Christian Van Kerckhove.
Tel: 09 243 26 40.


Liesbet De Kock

Liesbeth De Cock

Liesbet De Kock graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ghent in 2006. After her successful internship in Clinique de la Borde (Cour-Cheverny, France) she graduated in Philosophy in 2009. In that same year, she began as a researcher at Ghent University College, Faculty of Social Work and Welfare Studies, where she participated in the project “How different is difference?”. Currently she is elaborating an own PhD project concerning the conceptualisation of perception at Ghent University.
Tel: 09 243 26 60.


Leila Zohrie

Leila Zohrie

Leila Zohrie is researcher at the department of Social Sciences, Ghent University College, where she contributes to a bridge-building project “How different is difference?”. She also teaches adults in socio-cultural trainings and remedial educations. She has 12 years experience  in strengthening the position of ethnic minorities in the labour market and in the cultural sector. She has a degree in Oriental languages and cultures and graduated in 1999 from the University of Ghent.
Tel: 09 243 26 56.

Charlotte De Kock

Charlotte De Cock

Charlotte De Kock holds a bachelor’s degree in African studies, a minor in Political Sciences at the University of Ghent and a master’s degree in cultural studies at the University of Lisbon. In Lisbon she’s been active as a tour guide, translator and Dutch teacher. She was also involved in the E-planning consortium of the Technical University of Lisbon, which focuses on creating tools for participatory democracies. Her greatest interest goes out to culture and intercultural policy at the European level, viewed from an anthropological and politicological perspective. Currently she’s active in the project ‘How different is difference’, elaborating expositions and training parcels.


This beautifully illustrated book ‘Rites of passage’ was presented in Ghent at ‘Het Vredeshuis’ on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. and at the annual book fair in Antwerp from October 31 to November 11, 2010. On February 19th 2011 it was presented in Boekhandel Limerick (click for folder).


The book ‘Rites of passage’ is basic work for educational parcels, training and working sessions. View our training documentation: How different is the difference?


Attend various lectures in ‘Het huis van Alijn’ Ghent. .


On Friday, November 26, 2010 Seminary on Traditions and Rituals. In cooperation with Volkskunde Vlaanderen. View the full program.


Following the publication of the book ‘Rites of passage’ three exhibitions were put together. The exhibitions are subdivided in modules. Currently these modules are travelling around Flanders. Read more.